Alfa 36-Inch 3-Piece Pizza Peel Set - Black (AC-3PSET36BK) Original price was: C$258.95.Current price is: C$246.00.
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Alfa 36-Inch 3-Piece Pizza Peel Set – Red (AC-3PSET36RD)

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Original price was: C$258.95.Current price is: C$246.00.

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Product Features
  • Large perforated peel for inserting and removing pizzas
  • Turning peel for adjusting pizza position during baking
  • Brass bristle brush for safe oven floor cleaning
  • Red anodized aluminum 36-inch handles with comfortable Duroplast grips
  • Detachable handle extensions for adjustable tool length
  • Innovative design making them the world's first extendable pizza peels

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Product Description

The Alfa 36-Inch 3-Piece Pizza Peel Set is an essential collection for any pizza lover aiming to perfect their pizza-making skills. This set includes a large perforated peel ideal for effortlessly inserting or removing pizzas from the oven. The perforation allows excess flour to fall off the pizza, ensuring a perfect bake. The peel head, adorned with the Alfa logo, is sized generously at 14 inches wide and 16 inches long, making it suitable for large pizzas. Also included in the set is a turning peel, essential for maneuvering and evenly cooking pizzas during baking, and a brass bristle brush, perfect for gently yet effectively cleaning the oven floor without causing any scratches or damage. Each tool in this set features a red anodized aluminum handle measuring 36 inches in length, complete with Duroplast grips for durability and comfortable handling. The handles are uniquely designed with segmented, detachable extensions, allowing for adjustable lengths as needed, making these tools the first extendable pizza peels in the world and offering unparalleled versatility and convenience in pizza making. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cooking enthusiast, the Alfa 36-Inch 3-Piece Pizza Peel Set is an invaluable addition to your cooking toolkit, blending functionality, innovation, and quality to help you create delicious pizzas every time.

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