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Infratech WD-Series Dual Element Heaters 4000W (240V) – Black (IN21-2100-BL)

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Product Features
  • High-performance outdoor heating solution
  • Dual element heaters with 4000W (240V) power
  • Heat coverage of 8’x10′ and mounting height of 10′
  • Infrared technology for efficient and comfortable heating
  • Resistant to windy conditions
  • Customizable mounting options and control switches
  • Eco-friendly with zero emissions or unpleasant odors
  • Over 90% energy efficiency rate

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Product details

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 9.37 × 8.18 in









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Product Description

The Infratech WD-Series Dual Element Heaters 4000W (240V) – Stainless Steel is a high-performance outdoor heating solution designed to expand opportunities for outdoor seating and increase table turns. With a heat coverage of 8’x10′ and mounting height of 10′, it provides custom-controlled, energy-efficient, ambient warmth that can help drive increased ROI for commercial properties in milder climates. Incorporating infrared technology, these patio heaters transfer heat directly to solid objects, making them resistant to windy conditions and an ideal heating solution for outdoor seating areas. They are easy to install, with customizable mounting options and control switches, and their low-profile design adds a sleek and elegant look to any outdoor space. In addition to their heating performance, Infratech Electric Patio Heaters are also eco-friendly, generating zero emissions or unpleasant odors. They require virtually no maintenance and have an over 90% energy efficiency rate, providing long-term energy savings. The team collaborates with award-winning architects, designers, and builders during initial planning stages to develop comprehensive heating solutions that add value to commercial properties. By extending comfort for diners and guests on a year-round basis, these heaters can help improve a property’s bottom line. Overall, the Infratech WD-Series Dual Element Heaters 4000W (240V) – Stainless Steel is a high-quality, efficient, and durable heating solution that is perfect for commercial properties looking to expand outdoor seating.



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