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Timing is Everything: How Long to BBQ Sausages

Though the grill’s heat, the scent of charcoal and smoky flavor, sprinkled with laughs and good cheer spells out the perfect backyard party, nothing screams disaster louder than overcooked or undercooked sausages. This article will help you pinpoint the ideal BBQ sausage timing so that you can achieve delectable, perfectly cooked BBQ sausages every time.

The Sausage BBQ Procedure

As any BBQ lover would concur, preparing the perfect sausage is both an art and a science. A synergy of factors such as the type of sausage, the grilling method, and the heat level intricately intertwine to determine the GRILL-TIME.

Understanding Different types of Sausages

To gauge the precise cooking time, an understanding of the various types of sausages is essential. Let’s delve into categorizing some of the most popular sausages based on their pre-cooking treatment:

Fresh Sausages

These are raw sausages that require full cooking. Popular types include Italian sausages and Bratwursts. Given their raw nature, these must be cooked thoroughly to a safe internal temperature.

Smoked or Cooked Sausages

These include tasty varieties such as hot dogs, Kielbasa, and Chorizo, which are pre-cooked or smoked before packaging. They mainly need reheating before serving.

Cured Sausages

Offering a completely unique taste, cured sausages like Salami and Pepperoni typically don’t need any cooking, but grilling them can add a delicious smoky touch.


The Perfect Grilling Method

Now that we know what we’re dealing with let’s dive into the perfect method to grill those sausages.

The Two-Zone Fire Method

Whether you’re using a gas grill or going traditional with charcoal, learning how to manage the cooking heat is the secret to successful grilling.

Setting Up Your Grill

Divide your grill into two zones – a hot side and a cooler side. On a charcoal grill, this means banking the coals on one side. On a gas grill, you simply light one side of the grill.

Grilling Fresh Sausages

Begin cooking fresh sausages on the cooler side of the grill. This essentially cooks them thoroughly ‘from the inside out,’ avoiding the infamous sausage dilemma – charred on the outside but still raw on the inside. Once they’ve been on the cool side for about 20 minutes, move them to the hot side for a quick sear, maybe 4 to 5 minutes.

Grilling Smoked or Cooked Sausages

As these are primarily cooked, they only require heating through and a bit of browning. Place them on the cooler side of the grill for about 10 minutes, then brown them on the hot side for around 2-3 minutes a side.

Essential Tips to Cook BBQ Sausages Perfectly

Using A Digital Meat Thermometer

To ensure your sausages are cooked to perfection, using a meat thermometer can be very helpful.

Fresh Sausages

Check for an internal temperature of 160°F.

Pre-cooked Sausages

These should be heated to an internal temperature of 140°F.

Turning Your Sausages

Turn sausages frequently to prevent them from getting burnt on one side.

Consider Boiling Fresh Sausages Beforehand

This can prevent flare-ups that can cause burnt sausages.

Final Words

Knowing how long to BBQ sausages is an essential skill for any grill master. While there isn’t a universal answer, understanding the types of sausages and correctly setting your grill can lead to optimal results every time. Keep in mind that practice makes royal; the more sausages you barbecue, the more expertise you will gain. Happy grilling!

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