Alfa Moderno 5 Pizze Propane Pizza Oven Wood/Natural Gas Pizza Oven - Fire Yellow (FXMD-5P-MGIA-U) Original price was: C$8,630.53.Current price is: C$8,199.00.
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Alfa 5 Minuti 23-Inch Countertop Wood-Fired Pizza Oven - Copper (FX5MIN-LRAM-T) Original price was: C$3,420.00.Current price is: C$3,249.00.

Alfa Moderno 5 Pizze Propane Pizza Oven Wood/Natural Gas Pizza Oven – Antique Red (FXMD-5P-MROA-U)

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Original price was: C$8,630.53.Current price is: C$8,199.00.

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Product Features
  • Heats up in 15 minutes, baking up to 5 pizzas simultaneously
  • Uses patented Alfa Forninox technology for high heat with low fuel
  • Specially shaped dome for even cooking and excellent heat retention
  • Minimal assembly required, ready to use with no curing needed
  • Designed for versatile countertop installations in outdoor settings
  • Combines traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern, efficient technology

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Product details

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Weight 386 lbs
Dimensions 40.5 × 46.75 × 59 in



Fuel Type




Pizza Count The pizza count reflects the number of 12-inch pizzas that fit in a pizza oven.


Max Temperature


Cooking Grate Material

Refractory Ceramic

Total Grilling Area

33.5 x 27.5 in



UPC Number (GTIN) Global Trade Item Number


Product Description

The Alfa Moderno 5 Pizze Propane Pizza Oven, also compatible with natural gas and wood, is a state-of-the-art outdoor cooking solution that brings professional-grade pizza-making to your backyard. This oven is designed to cater to the needs of both experienced chefs and enthusiastic home cooks, offering unparalleled flexibility and performance.

Firstly, this oven stands out with its ample cooking space, allowing you to cook up to five 10-12 inch pizzas simultaneously, perfect for large gatherings or family meals. The oven heats up quickly, reaching high temperatures that ensure a perfect, crispy pizza crust every time.

One of the most significant features of the Alfa Moderno 5 Pizze Oven is its versatile fuel options. While it ships set up for propane use, it includes all the necessary parts for easy conversion to natural gas, offering you the convenience of using your preferred fuel source. For those who love the authentic taste of wood-fired pizzas, the oven is also compatible with a wood/natural gas hybrid kit (sold separately), giving you the best of both worlds.

The oven is designed with Heat Genius Technology, which ensures consistent and even heat distribution, crucial for perfectly cooked pizzas. This technology maximizes the oven’s heating efficiency while minimizing fuel consumption, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Built for durability and style, the Alfa Moderno 5 Pizze Propane Pizza Oven features a robust construction with a sleek, modern design that will enhance the aesthetics of any outdoor kitchen or patio area. Whether you’re a seasoned pizza maker or just starting out, this oven is sure to elevate your cooking experience, providing delicious, restaurant-quality pizzas right in the comfort of your own home.



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Alfa Ovens

Pizza Oven / Italy

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